Finding my ‘Ordo Ab Chao’


It’s been a minute and to be frank I still feel that it was well deserved while also being needed. My family and I recently lost over six family members, all within the last year. Talk about Too Much. And to put the icing on the top…yes, we ended up putting our dog down.

It’s been a whirlwind, what with health, school, marriage rebuilding, and finding focus fully toward my family. So don’t mind if I take a minute to breathe in the rains, smell the coffee and let it all out with a walk and tears. It’s been long, draining and finally I’m finding time…

I’m finding myself in what brings happiness, what aids to my family and their happiness and how this all coincides in the making of what my family has become.

I am a shepherd, cooking, cleaning, writing, story telling, and creating I shepherd my children, aid to my wife’s needs and this is my finding order in the chaos I’ve found to be life as of late.

I’ll come back with more personal introspections, more tailored accounts of the recent developments, but would like to share that there’s more to come from the writer in me and that’s why I’m here. Expect parts and chapters soon that will be weekly drops, if not more than. Within the year, the goal is that I’ll have developed a decent anthology of the stories recently told with DreamDarkStories. I cannot wait to see what becomes of it. And hope you and more are here to share your thoughts perspectives and chimes in regard to what is appreciated.

Thank you. Sincerely – M. R. Vega


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I'm a writer, artist, story teller and avid reader. I preside in the realm between reality and fiction dabbling on memory, dream, and the grasp of darkness that gets us all. I rest when the weary wake and live through the odd hours and hot desert of filed terrors and mysteries. Welcome to DreamDarkStories.

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