A Wallet Missed Pt. 4

by: M. R. Vega The car, loaded with an excessive amount, of an impressive array of hard and soft-covered books, had Lucy and Harold nearing a range of concerns that brought an unspoken regret, especially within Luce. She was so fueled with a fit of anger, a riling and fileting type of pitiful rage whenContinue reading “A Wallet Missed Pt. 4”

The Blue Chair Pt. 4

The Blue Chair Pt. 4 by: M. R. Vega Jacob was solemn with the fretting from the day before now trying to figure out the necessary steps to have Emily; the family pet, a proper end. He didn’t dare deal with the H.O.A., knowing their neighbourhood had numerous Glady Kravits feining for any opportunity toContinue reading “The Blue Chair Pt. 4”

The Red Planet, a Blanket, and You

by: M. R. Vega People speak, the voices assume, unaware of the whole, and come to their own preconceived notions. They rarely take a moment to listen or watch, feeling as if they’re overstepping in being an observer, but god forbid, they come to a baseless assumption and put their two sense to object ofContinue reading “The Red Planet, a Blanket, and You”

A Wallet Missed By: M. R. Vega

A Wallet Missed Part 1 by: M. R. Vega The laundry had been tossed across the master room, the sopping washer load had been strewn across the linoleum leaving puddles to be traipsed over and across. Harold looked at his girlfriend Lucy with an ambivalence that could have anyone else’s skin molt and wither. LucyContinue reading “A Wallet Missed By: M. R. Vega”

First day of the rest of my Life…38 years and counting down…

February 4th, 2023 The books tower around the halls, most collecting dust the few being read sit close if not directly in hand via an app on his phone. He tells those around him, he’s read at least half but the number is slowly shrinking to less and less as he acquires more every weekContinue reading “First day of the rest of my Life…38 years and counting down…”