The Blue Chair Pt. 4

The Blue Chair Pt. 4 by: M. R. Vega Jacob was solemn with the fretting from the day before now trying to figure out the necessary steps to have Emily; the family pet, a proper end. He didn’t dare deal with the H.O.A., knowing their neighbourhood had numerous Glady Kravits feining for any opportunity toContinue reading “The Blue Chair Pt. 4”

A Wallet Missed By: M. R. Vega

A Wallet Missed Part 1 by: M. R. Vega The laundry had been tossed across the master room, the sopping washer load had been strewn across the linoleum leaving puddles to be traipsed over and across. Harold looked at his girlfriend Lucy with an ambivalence that could have anyone else’s skin molt and wither. LucyContinue reading “A Wallet Missed By: M. R. Vega”